Getting Specific with the Cause

It may be helpful to become fully informed of the specific cause of any poor indoor air quality issues. Information is power and it will foster clean air and better health for everyone. Some of the specific causes of indoor air quality include the following:

air conditioner * Bioaerosols; this is an airborne item. It is considered to be a biological contaminant. It may actually be in any home and it is made up of bacteria, mites, pollen and even a virus. This can be the cause of an infectious disease or even an allergic reaction

* an inadequate supply of air supply; this is due to poor ventilation and lack of maintenance of a HVAC system

* microorganisms; this would be considered as a biological contaminant. This might be from exhausts, boiler stacks, natural gas vents and even flues
These are only a sample of some of the specific causes of poor air quality indoors. It is good to know that solutions are available from a good HVAC service and maintaining company. Keeping healthy is an option when the cause of the issue is discovered.